Art Academy East was founded by Norfolk based fine artist and teacher Claire Frances Smith. Working in partnership with ‘The College of West Anglia’, the Academy has grown in size and popularity. Courses are delivered in a bright studio space in Norwich. The Academy offers a dedicated space for creative learning with facilities for painting, drawing and printing. It accommodates the local and broader community providing a variety of art courses from leisure classes to UAL accredited Diplomas.

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Our Approach

Art Academy East has a strong traditional focus. Skills such as colour mixing and the use of a reduced colour palette, the importance and effective use of tonal values, design and composition, brushwork and paint handling are taught as fundamental building blocks. Experienced painters and makers will find these neglected areas invaluable as they incorporate them into their practice. AAE delivers step by step carefully designed programs of study that can lead to technical excellence. Fine art evolves continually and finding ways to use the traditional skills of the old masters in conjunction with experimental new ideas makes for exciting discoveries. Art Academy East offers intensive tuition designed to meet individual learner's needs and goals.




Art Academy East have 25 car parking spaces that can be used by students/parents/carers.

As you approach Sapphire House at the end of Roundtree Way take the right hand route round to the rear of the building. Keep to the right hand side and just past the blue container units there will be a sign marked ‘Art Academy East’ and the spaces are located there on the right hand side. You will be required to sign in at the start of your lesson and advise us of your registration number.

Bus Information:

The following is just a guide, please ensure that you check with the bus operator before travelling. First Buses

PINK LINE - Bus 11 & 12 stops outside The Brickmakers pub on Sprowston Road, there is then a 1520 minute walk to Sapphire House on Roundtree Way.

RED LINE – Bus 23 stops outside Open Academy on Salhouse Road, there is then a 10-12 minute walk to Sapphire House. It is possible to cut through the car park (past Pets at Home and Dunelm etc) to make the walk quicker.

Sanders Coaches – X11 – Stops at St Cuthberts Church, there is then a 15-20 minute walk to Sapphire House on Roundtree Way. Alternatively - Stops at Cannerby Lane, there is then a 15 minute walk to the rear entrance to Sapphire House. Please tell us if you are planning to use this route as we will need to give you access to the gate. We would advise that this access route is not suitable for people with mobility issues.